Risk Management with Efficiency Improvement

“The risk management needs to lift up from risk control to risk intelligence which can identify the potential business growth opportunities.”
– Pearl Zhu

In the current business scenario, where concerns about financial risk have been increasing, enterprises of different kinds and sizes (especially the start-ups) want robust financial risk management frameworks that satisfy compliance demands, contribute to better decision making and enhance performance of the organisation. I along with my Risk Management team work with organisations, be it start-up or mid cap having business of varied kinds, to attain these objectives.We offer a broad ranging financial risk management service. We help companies, asset managers and corporate and public clients identify, assess, manage, report and limit the risks they face. Our structured approach to implementing and improving Risk Management allows organisations to gain from the experience of many successful implementations. This proven approach not only brings best practices but shortens the time-period to value realization and increases the longer-term return in your investment. Our risk management services provide significant benefits such as they generate insights concerning where projects need attention, they create useful information in the form of contingency budgets for cost and schedule, help improving communications between all project stakeholders; including sponsors, customers, project manager, and team members.

Our risk management consulting services include:

  • Assess Risk Management Maturity
  • Advise project and organization leadership on risk management
  • Create risk plans and Design and set up risk management work-flow and procedures
  • Train and guide project managers, teams, risk managers in all aspects of risk management
  • Identify and Capture risks in risk register through risk workshops, one-on-one discussions, and modelling
  • Assist with developing mitigation strategies and selecting preferred option(s) through cost-benefit analysis
  • Manage risk reviews and Implement risk management tools
  • Economic capital management and Financial instruments accounting
  • Develop customized risk analysis to support investment decision making, customer reporting, public presentations, etc.
  • Quantitative evaluation and management of portfolio risks.
  • Finance and treasury management and transformation
  • Asset management advisory, Risk solution implementation and Regulatory Capital optimisation