Corporate Governance

“Business must harness the power of ethics which is assuming a new level of importance and power.”
(James Joseph – former US ambassador to SA)

To achieve compliance, to help improve business outcome, to attract growing attention from regulators and investors and to position businesses for competitive advantage, start-ups or full grown companies are looking at improving their corporate governance practices. Corporate governance – the combination of rules, processes or laws by which businesses are operated, regulated or controlled needs constant structuring and re-structuring based on the evolved needs. So whether it comes to strategising for managing risk, complying with legal requirements, communicating with shareholders, and preparing for known uncertainties, your business should be ready!

I along with a team of professionals offer a full range of corporate governance services. Having decades of working experience with large cap, start-up to mid-cap companies and private equity investors in improving corporate governance practices and structures, my approach is simple – know the industry you are dealing with, grasp company issues quickly, and set a smooth course of action that can navigate the company to a successful outcome. And we don’t stop right there. We constantly improve our methodology and adapt our services to meet the needs and specific requirements of each individual organization.

Our Governance Services Include:

  • Counselling start-ups or midcaps on all aspects of corporate governance, including day-to-day securities and stock exchange listing issues, shareholder communications, regulatory compliance and investigations, risk management, executive compensation, crisis management, and contextual benchmarking of board practices.
  • Combining deep regulatory and industry knowledge with extensive experience in government relations, litigation, internal investigations, and securities law compliance to provide a comprehensive and holistic approach to problem solving.
  • We work towards the improvement of the risk management system and processes, including setting risk appetite, identification and assessment of risks, and elaboration of risk management measures, development of codes for corporate governance, business conduct, and other internal corporate documents.
  • Our approach to governance transformation is holistic and encompasses areas such as:
    • Assessment of corporate governance
    • Diagnostics of corporate governance at investment targets
    • Assistance in ensuring the effective transfer of authorities to hired management
    • Improvement of corporate governance processes at subsidiaries
    • Assessment of the board of directors, committees’ and employees’ work
    • Comprehensive advisory services on information disclosure issues.