Corporate Relationship Specialist

“The goal is to provide inspiring information that moves people to action.”
– Guy Kawasaki

What’s the key to success for a start-up or for a mid-sized company? It lies in maintaining positive relationships with consumers as well as other businesses and by constantly developing and improving the brand image and reputation of the company. And that’s where corporate relationship specialists can help. They serve a leadership role to help the company achieve goals in public relations, and they put up a regular interactive session with the branding team to create story development and provide a social media outlet. They utilize a proactive approach to establish and develop relationships with companies’ clients with an emphasis on providing an outstanding customer experience.

As a specialist, I along with my team of professionals help in identifying and building relationships with media outlets which eventually lead to a higher media outcome and strong business relationships to help build the company’s image and success. After all, it’s all about painting a strong picture of your product or services in customer’s minds. I also serve as a spokesperson to help promote the company’s service or products, look for business trends, execute the trends, and analyze communications, contracts, and negotiations – all to refine company practices. For start-ups to be successful, it’s also important to maintain positive reputations in the communities they serve, to attract business partners and investors. As a specialist we help firms to achieve the same.

I as a corporate relationship specialist can help you in:

  • Developing and maintaining existing and new corporate partners and funding.
  • Identifying and developing a target pipeline and aggressively marketing for new profitable status customers from the identified target sectors.
  • Preparing, editing and executing funding and partnership proposals, andbrand campaigns
  • Providing reports for corporate partners and organization director
  • Creating plans for expansion; track and analyze contributions
  • Managing key customer relationships
  • Continuously identifying cross selling opportunities that drive in the company and its products or services with customer needs
  • Mentoring branding teams regularly
  • Identifying areas of improvement with internal processes in place