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Setting Up a Business in India – The Mandates and Must Do’s

Setting Up a Business in India – The Mandates and Must Do’s

With rapid growth, and a diverse economy, a dramatically different environment and the varied business landscape, India is attracting international business interest and many western investors. With start-ups on rise and the sustained progress of India’s economy, all has helped the country build a prominent place for itself in the world business stage. And today more and more people from foreign lands or from the country itself are looking out to begin their entrepreneurial journey and set up their [...]

When and how to set up Board of Directors

When and how to set up Board of Directors

Ask a young founder or a start-up runner or an entrepreneur what was challenging for them the most when they set out to fulfil their dream through their venture and they’ll likely tell you about the nightmare of bringing the right team players on board. As they formalize their dream venture, they add co-founders, contract based employees, freelancers who will share their goals and provide their time, talent and treasure. They also tend to seek advice from ex-bosses or [...]

Why CFOs are ideal as Startup Mentors!

Why CFOs are ideal as Startup Mentors!

Startups are about Innovation &; Scalability: Should work towards development or improvement of a product, process or service and/or have scalable business model with high potential for creation of wealth &; employment (as defined by Start-up India) Businesses starting up with great ideas, businesses starting up with a motive to make a difference, businesses starting up to make it big in the industry within few years. Each day we witness many such start-ups being created. But along with the creation, [...]

Does your business needs a virtual CFO

Does Your Business Need A Virtual CFO?

Are you able to competently track and analyse your company’s growth and profits? Do you understand how to use this information to your business advantage? Are you able to complete and report accurate financial information in a timely manner? Do you know all the compliances required by a company? If you answered no to any or all of the above questions, you should consider bringing a CFO on board. Now if you are running a start-up or a small business, [...]

what does it take to beome a CFO

What does it take to become a CFO?

Whenever I attend seminars or workshops as a mentor, speaking to young talents how to be groomed to become the next CFOs, I always get asked the “most important question” – what does it take these days to become a successful CFO? To become a successful CFO, it takes lot more than just having an absolute proficiency in finance. A CFO’s role in today’s business world is extremely critical. The role is more like being the driving engine to run [...]

Why small businesses fail

Top Reasons Why Small Businesses Fail

As a CFO and a consultant CFO to many startups and small businesses, I can speak from my experience that starting a business (even with a million-dollar idea) is never easy and especially in a time when the number of failures are going up and only a few percentage is making it to the unicorn club. Now when you start a business, you may think of “how to get funds”, but you may not always be prepared for effective utilisation [...]

dos and don'ts of due diligence

Do’s and Don’ts of ‘Due Diligence’

As a business owner you may have built a framework of a growing startup, you have gained dedicated customers so far and looking to gain more stability in the coming months. In this whole process, when everything is going okay, you may have thought of expanding by pulling more investment from the market! Well hold on, there’s the catch. The first question you need to ask before you look for further funding is whether your company is ready to [...]

Definition of startup-simplified

Definition of Startup – Simplified

Start-up is a common term these days. We hear it frequently, we often read about the success stories, we even use the term from time to time. But how many of us really understand the term? Can a five years old company still be a start-up? Can a Pvt. Ltd. can only be referred to as a start-up? Do start-ups only work on new ideas, new products or services? And the list of questions can go on and on. [...]